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It's as simple as using a prepaid card.

You load your company account with credits as required and only use these when exporting your measurement protocols.

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You decide how you want to use Aufmaster.

Whether only with the app or with real-time data transfer to the Aufmaster Cloud — the measuring device works the same in both variants.

Aufmaster App
Aufmaster App - Aufmaster Plus Cloud
App only
Aufmaster Plus
Free company account
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Data storage in secure cloud
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Data backup
Only available locally on the smartphone. All data is deleted when the app is uninstalled.
All data is stored securely in the cloud.
Daily data backup
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Number of measurement protocols saved for inventory
Number of measurement protocols saved on construction sites
Number of projects
One active project each for construction sites or inventory.
Access to the cable database
Generic entries with measurement tolerances of ≥ 5%.
Access to a constantly growing cable database with manufacturer-specific measurement data. Measurement tolerance ≈ 1%.
Calibration of own cable types
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Order materials directly via App
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Cross-team collaboration in projects
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Export as PDF from App
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Export as CSV from office software
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Simple pricing. Only pay for what you export.

No subscription, no monthly or annual billing. You can conveniently purchase credits via your company account in your browser.

The length of the cable is not relevant — only the measurement on data export is offset against the existing inventory credits.

Protocols Price Working time saved
20 200 € ~3 hr.
50 400 € ~7 hr.
100 650 € ~15 hr.
250 1.250 € ~38 hr.
500 1.750 € ~75 hr.
5000+   Request an offer

The length of the measured cable is offset to the meter against the existing cable allowance credits on export.

Meter Price
1.000 200 €
5.000 850 €
10.000 1.300 €
25.000 2.000 €
50.000 2.500 €
500.000+ Request an offer
All prices are net prices.

One, two, three … ready.

The path from the first measurement to export for invoicing or to the ERP program is quick and easy.

Aufmaster Desktop Aufmaster Smartphone

To activate synchronization between the office and mobile devices on construction sites and in the warehouse, create a free company account in the Aufmaster Cloud.

Aufmaster Gift

You will receive free credits in your account as a thank-you for each Aufmaster you purchase and register for the first time. Your account will be credited with 20 inventory measurement protocols and 2000 m of cable measurement protocols per device.

Aufmaster Functions

All functions are activated when the account is created. For example, goods from the construction site can now be reordered directly in the office via App and an unlimited number of measurement protocols can be saved online. The constantly growing cable database has also been activated.

Aufmaster Smartphone Aufmaster Arrows Aufmaster Cloud

The smartphones and tablets you use must connect to your company account to enable synchronization and access to the cable database.

Aufmaster Purchase

Data export in the office software is linked to your company account, which you can top up individually with new credits.

No subscription model, no monthly or annual billing.

Aufmaster Export

Your credits are only debited when you initiate an export for construction site or inventory measurements protocols. You can delete or correct measurement protocols at any time before exporting. Measurement protocols that have already been exported will not be charged again.

Other material such as clamps, plugs, and direction work are not charged during export and are always free of charge.



Useful information on
software and prices.

Yes, Aufmaster Plus will then remain free of charge for you. You can create articles, projects, and measurement protocols as you wish. If it's enough for you to just check your data in your web browser, that's absolutely fine with us.

And if you do need to export your measurement protocols at some point, you can buy credits and start the export at any time.

You have the option of paying by credit card, PayPal or SEPA direct debit.

Not yet, still to come. But no need to be sad now. We will be happy to recommend inexpensive Android devices suitable for construction sites that work perfectly with Aufmaster. Just write to us.

Only cables that are not yet in our cable database must be measured once with a reference piece that is at least ≥ 10 meters. We recommended pieces ≥ 20 meters. This can be done in a few seconds using the Aufmaster app. They are then available for selection in the cable database.

No. There are no subscriptions. You buy credits for the export of your measurement protocols as required.

Yes, without any problems. All measurement protocols for length and section detection are stored on your smartphone or tablet.

If you use Aufmaster Plus, your measurement protocols are transferred to the cloud as soon as the internet connection is restored. To do this, you must first log in once with an existing internet connection.

Of course! The software is currently available in German, English, French, Indonesian, Polish, Slovakian, Spanish, and Czech. Further languages are in preparation.

The user manual for the measuring device are available in German and English.

If you use Aufmaster Plus, you can easily export your measurement protocols as CSV via our office software. CSV is very generic and is understood by all systems. There is not yet a direct interface. But it's on our agenda for 2024.

Without Aufmaster Plus, you can send all measurement logs as PDFs by email.

The Aufmaster app works on Android devices from Android 7 (Nougat).

No, the Aufmaster Plus office software runs in the web browser and is therefore completely independent of the operating system.

The Aufmaster app is currently available for Android. It can therefore not be installed on the PC.

No, never. Our Aufmaster software updates (for the app and Aufmaster Plus office software, as well as for the Aufmaster hardware) are free of charge.

Access to the Aufmaster software is free of charge. You can download the app at any time, create an Aufmaster Plus company account and take a look at our software.

Yes, there is one. If you need help with the setup or have any other questions, you can find quick help in our help portal.

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