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Paperwork? No thanks!

Whether cable drums or cable rings - with our cable length measuring device you can record and document every section automatically in the Aufmaster app.

NYM 3x1,5

Cable measurements with Aufmaster - everyone wins

Working with the Aufmaster AM1 enables more transparent and faster communication within the team or with customers and planners.

Aufmaster Manager

Meaningful digitization with Aufmaster ensures clean and traceable processes from section to billing.

Aufmaster Foreman

With digital measuring, you no longer need to transfer slips of paper and can focus on more important tasks.

Aufmaster technician

No more tedious typing on the construction site. Set up Aufmaster, put your smartphone in your pocket, and off you go. In the future, you'll only need the pen for scribbling.

Aufmaster Accounting

Receive properly documented measurements every day directly and digitally from the construction site. No more inquiries, no more justifications. And most importantly, happy customers.

Aufmaster Planning offices

Aufmaster can also be used as a planning and controlling tool for external project management. This way you create transparency right from the start and keep track of installed cable quantities and avoid potential clarification discussions.

Earn more money from the very first meter of cable.

Overheads for consultations with customers and colleagues, loss of goods, paperwork and manual measurements reduce your profit for every meter of cable laid.
Raw material
Installed cables in meters
0 m
Overhead costs per meter of cable
0 /h.
*Less the selected contingent.

More than just measuring cables

With the Aufmaster app, you can also effortlessly document other materials and additional work.

Automatically measure cables.

You can add all the necessary information to any measurement at the touch of a finger. Cable type and the length of your section are even recorded automatically. At the end of the day, you submit your measurement documentation to the office via email. With Aufmaster Plus the data is even synchronized in real time to the Aufmaster Cloud.

Aufmaster Measurement App - Documentation
Aufmaster Measurement App - other material

Switches, plugs, clamps. No problem.

In addition to the automatic cable measurement, you can also easily measure other material such as switches or plugs in the app at the touch of a finger. Benefit from automatically suggested information such as rooms, start or destination.

Additional work cleanly documented.

You know how it is: a construction site never goes according to plan and there is always additional work to be done. In the app, you can quickly record work and have the customer countersign it with their finger. The work is documented as a measurement and is available to the office with all the necessary information such as signature, time stamp and notes of the installer for billing.

Aufmaster Measurement App - Additional work

Hallo. Hello. Ahoj. Pagi. Hola. Dobrý den.

No matter what language is spoken on the construction site: With unified digital documentation, there are no more question marks when it comes to billing and cable inventory stock. The app is available in several languages and new ones are added regularly.

At the moment, German, English, Slovakian, Czech, Polish, Spanish and Indonesian are available.

Aufmaster Measurement App - available languages

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The Aufmaster app is free. You don't need a credit card, and you don't have to provide any personal information.
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Synchronize all measurement data to the Aufmaster Cloud.

With Aufmaster Plus, your company gets a private account in the Aufmaster Cloud. All measurement data is synchronized with the office in real time. Work has never been easier.

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Paul Jehle
Paul Jehle, Managing Partner Jehle Elektrotechnik

We offer our Plus customers access to the Aufmaster cable database with hundreds of cable types for pre-selection. This means you no longer have to create and measure many cable types yourself.

Export your current stock or allowance at any time with one click. This even allows you to invoice on a daily basis.

Create unlimited measurement and inventory projects. All projects are permanently available in the Aufmaster Cloud.

All cable drums and cable rings used on construction sites are displayed to you for each measurement project. Track their consumption and remaining quantity and reorder as needed.

Your workforce is able to request material orders from the office via the Aufmaster App. The office can report back executed or rejected orders directly. With one click, material can be reordered from the wholesaler.

By synchronizing your data in real time between the construction site or warehouse and the office, you can communicate project progress or inventory levels at any time.

Aufmaster Ratings

Genius tool. I use the web app conveniently on my tablet at the construction site to export data for billing.

Daniel, Technician

Aufmaster Ratings

In the past, no one knew about material inventory on our construction sites. Thankfully, that's finally over.

Sabine, Purchasing

Aufmaster Ratings

My back is happy. No more reeling around or guessing rings. Plug it in and “boom”, I know what's left on the drum.

Marcel, Installer

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