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Aufmaster AM1
cable length measuring device

The cable length measuring device for automatic measurement documentation and length determination on the drum or ring.

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Our cable length measuring device is available in eight different colors, which serve the visual identification of your cable drums or rings in the Aufmaster App.

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Aufmaster IP54

protection class

Aufmaster Patent

measurement method

Aufmaster Range

10m to 1500m
measuring range

Aufmaster Battery

2 weeks
battery life


Aufmaster cross sections

0.25mm2 to 16mm2
possible cross sections

Developed by craftsmen for craftsmen

Mount Aufmaster
Screw the Aufmaster
to the cable drum.
Connect Aufmaster
Connect the Aufmaster with two wires - polarity does not matter.
Turn on Aufmaster
Hold button for 3 seconds to turn on the Aufmaster.
Check battery level
Briefly press the button
for battery level display.
Determine remaining length
In less than 30 seconds you can determine the cable length.
Document cable cuts
Pull and cut cables - Aufmaster captures each cut automatically.

The Aufmaster works with cables from any manufacturer. Only a metallic core, e.g., copper or aluminum, is assumed. Twisted cables also work without any problems.

Our patented measurement method reliably determines cuts or residual lengths of cables. So you no longer have to document it by yourself.

The Aufmaster determines the length over two wires. The second wire serves as a reference measurement to show you a reliable result. Single core cables can not be measured.

Developed for use in harsh environments to IP54, the Aufmaster is rugged, splash-proof and can withstand heavy dust and dirt.

The Aufmaster detects cuts and determines lengths of cables between 10m and 1500m, making it perfect for your construction sites or cable inventory.

The Aufmaster can be connected with cross sections from 0.25mm² to 16mm². You can easily replace the supplied clamps with larger ones.

Scope of delivery

Look forward to your new measuring device in your toolbox.

The Aufmaster AM1 comes with everything you need to get started right away. In each package, you'll find a Quick Start Guide, a user manual in English and German, and a USB-C charging cable. The interchangeable clamps enable connections up to 4mm2.

Aufmaster AM1 cable length measuring device - Scope of delivery

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Still something unclear? We'll be happy to answer the most important questions.

The Aufmaster can measure any cable with a cross-section of 0.25 to 16 mm² and at least two metallic conductors. Fiber optic cable is therefore not possible.

The Aufmaster has a protection class of IP54. This means it has complete protection against accidental contact and is protected from splashing water on all sides.

The Aufmaster must always be connected with two wires from the cable. Accordingly, it can not measure pure single-wire cables.

The Aufmaster can handle cable cross-sections between 0.25 and 16 mm² without any problems. The clamps supplied as standard are suitable for cross-sections up to 4 mm². However, these can be independently replaced with larger clamps at any time.

At Aufmaster, we maintain a gigantic cable database that grows daily. So chances are huge you can just plug the Aufmaster to the cable, scan or search for the cable in the Aufmaster app, and get started right away.

You simply create new cable types yourself in the Aufmaster app and measure them with a reference piece of the new cable (it must be at least 20 m (65 ft) long). Afterwards you can use the new cable type freely in the Aufmaster App, just like all other cable types. We show how this works in this video.

The battery of the Aufmaster is fully charged within 2 hours and lasts up to two weeks on construction sites.

No. The battery is completely encapsulated with protective dimensions due to the IP54 device protection class.

Of course, you can. You can replace our standard WAGO connection clamps (go up to 4 mm²) with your favorite ones at any time. You can also connect test probes. The only important thing is that the connecting cable on the Aufmaster is not unnecessarily extended.

No, the Aufmaster is not gauged.

The eight colors are used for easy identification in the Aufmaster app and on the construction site as soon as several Aufmasters are in use at the same time.

The connection between Aufmaster and Android smartphone or tablet is made via Bluetooth.

Yes, you can. The number of connected Bluetooth devices is defined and varies by the smartphone manufacturer. We do not directly limit the maximum number of connected Aufmasters in the Aufmaster app. However, we recommend not to use more than 5-8 Aufmasters at the same time in order not to overload the Android device's performance.

The connection between Aufmaster and smartphone or tablet is established via Bluetooth Low Energy. In the open field, you have a stable connection within a radius of at least 35m. Indoors, the range is 15 - 30m. It can decrease depending on the environment due to walls, metal shelves, machines, etc. If the connection is lost, an audible signal is emitted by your Android device that cannot be overheard.

The Aufmaster then stores all measurement data on an internal memory for up to 10 minutes and retransmits them as soon as the Android device is reconnected to the Aufmaster.

The Aufmaster does not have a built-in GPS module. However, once a cable reel has been successfully commissioned, the Aufmaster app saves the current location of the cable reel (GPS data from the smartphone). Provided that authorization has been granted in the Aufmaster app.

No, the Aufmaster must always be used in conjunction with the Aufmaster app. You can download the Aufmaster app for free from the Google Play Store. It is not possible to use without the Aufmaster App.

We have equipped the Aufmaster with two screw holes. So you can easily fix it to the drum with two matching screws. If the Aufmaster is connected to a cable ring, it is best to place it in the middle of the ring. It does not mind that. The only important thing is a stable connection between the Aufmaster and the connected cable using the clamps.

We show how this works in this video.

For automatic cut detection, the Aufmaster is connected to the inner end of the cable drum or cable ring. To do this, strip a small piece of insulation and connect the two exposed wires to the clamps of the Aufmaster. The polarity does not matter. When determining the length of cables, the connection side is also irrelevant. The Aufmaster can then also be connected to the side where the cable is normally pulled out.

We show how this works in this video.

Yes, this works – however, there is no separate function for this in the Aufmaster app.
The following scenario: A cable with a length of 100 meters is connected to the Aufmaster and the Aufmaster determines a length of 30 meters, then it can be assumed that there is a short circuit after 30 meters.

We would like that, but it depends. If you're pulling cable in parallel with multiple drums at the same time, then, of course. If that's not the case, you can simply mount the Aufmaster on another drum after you've done your work, configure it, and keep on working. This applies equally to inventory management and construction site mode.